Pole Tents

Sailcloth Tents


Sailcloth tents provide an elegance like no other. This style tent has center poles and requires full staking around 360 degrees of the tent. However, sailcloth tents are a stunning upgrade from other industry pole tents. These oval ended structures have graceful curved edges and sculpted peaks in a translucent, sailcloth-style fabric. A daytime event under our sailcloth tents will be warm with natural light. In the evening, they offer a graceful glow when paired with any of the lighting selections we offer.

Sample Layouts
Century Tents


Century tents set the standard for quality and are a leader in the tenting industry.
Century tents have large center poles and require full staking in 360 degrees around the tented area. With high peaks and swooping fabric, they are visual appealing and best used for large-capacity functions or events of any kind.

Sample Layouts