Round Tables


36": These tables can be used for the newlyweds, cake, or as an appetizer table.

48": These tables are great for round seating or as a food service table. Each seats 4-6 people.

60": These tables are the most common round table for dining. Each seats 8-10 guests.

72": These tables are the largest capacity round table we have in stock and can
seat 10-12 guests.


Banquet Tables

30" X 6'
30" X 8'
36" X 8'
42" X 10'

30" X 6' / 30" X 8': These tables are most commonly used for food service, bar service, DJs and caterer prep work, however, they can certainly seat guests.

30" X 6' can seat 6-8 guests.

30" X 8' can seat 8-10 guests.

Upgrade to a 36" X 8' for additional guest comfort.

42" X 10' “Tuscan” tables are wonderful for dinner seating and can comfortably seat 10-12 guests.


Café Tables

30" Round Top
30" Square Top

42" Tall

Café tables are small and easy to place. They work great inside and outside of tents and are fabulous for cocktail parties.

Style choices include both round and square tabletops that are 30" in diameter.


Square Tables

60" X 60"

60" square tables are the most commonly used for dining and allow seating for 8  guests. They can be mixed with 60” round tables to add variety.




Serpentine Tables

48" X 30"
60" X 30"

Serpentine tables can be used for food and bar service. They are in quarter  sections, meaning 4 serpentine tables will make a round table. These could be used around center poles for placing appetizers.


Bar Back

18" X 6'
18" X 8'

Bar Back tables are great for placing glassware and bar service equipment on. They could certainly be used for appetizers or gifts as well.

Farm Tables

Farm 4

8-Foot Farm Tables

Our 8-foot farm tables are a perfect addition to any event.  Whether you decide on a few to accent your tent, or to seat all your guests, they are sure to impress.  Our farm tables will seat 8-10 guests with our benches, fruitwood chiavari chairs, or fruitwood garden chairs.

Wine Barrels and Bar


Our wine barrels are locally sourced and a great way to differentiate your wedding from others!  Use these wine barrels as cocktail tables or decor.  Stack a few side by side and add a "live edge" counter top and create stations, seating charts or a bar service that will be unforgettable!



White Plastic

A chair suitable for any occasion! Perfect for weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, cookouts, and most indoor or outdoor events.

Garden Chairs


White Garden


Natural Garden


Fruitwood Garden

If you are looking for a more decorative chair with added comfort, the Garden Chair is available in multiple finishes and has a soft cushioned seat. This chair is ideal for wedding ceremonies, receptions, family gatherings, and formal occasions.

Chiavari Chairs


The Fruitwood Chiavari Chair is an elegant, dark solid wood chair with a high back and a cushioned seat for added comfort. This chair is beautiful indoors and out and fantastic for wedding receptions, dinner parties and formal occasions.



This chair is also available at cocktail or café table height, and can be arranged around our 30” café tables in groups of 2 and 4 as seen below.

Cocktail/Cafe Table Height

Cross Back Chairs

The Cross Back Chair is new to our rental inventory!  This chair is a wonderful addition under any tent and matches our farm tables.  It can however be used with any table style, and is a surefire way to make an impression on your guests.  It can be accompanied by a white or ivory cushion if desired.


Ceremony Benches


Our benches are 8 feet long and can accommodate 5 guests. They are perfect for ceremony sites where a large number of chairs would be impractical, such as beaches, cranberry bogs and conservation land.

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